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Cycling - Overview

Cycling Overview

Buff® headwear has had a great "word of mouth" effect in the international and national cycling community. The reasons are many but down the line it boils down to this key features:

  • Makes you feel comfortable in 95% of all weather (and will not itch - guaranteed)
  • Is the highest wicking and cooling fabric in the world (High-UV Buff®)
  • Fits snug around your neck or helmet and stays there
  • Will not start smelling for the lifetime of the fabric (embedded silver nano-technology - a worlds first)
  • Has tons of everyday uses apart from cycling 

Most Popular Applications

Scarf: Moisture wicking chill protection

MTB Scarf Man

Wicks moisture and keeps the chill away

It's cold and your sweat turns chilly with the wind.

The Buff® fabric wicks the moisture of your skin and keeps the chill away. A thin highly breathable layer keeps you in the comfort zone.

Sweatband: 2 x standard Coolmax performance

Cycling Sweatband Tour de France Stage Win

Unknown Tour de France stage winner waering a Buff® as sweatband

Sick and tyred of sweat dripping in your eyes.

The High-UV Buff® fabric has the highest cooling performance in Australia. Over 800 mm/s breathability and over 12.7 cm vertical wicking performance. Around 2 x more moisture evaporates than with a standard Coolmax® fabric. That's less of it dripping in your eyes.

Face Mask: Germ Free, breathable face protection

Cycling Face Mask Woman

Fully breathable and comfortable face protection

The cold air creates a burning feeling on your chin and nose. Your cheeks are glowing. How often did you wish to have something good in your face?

Full breathability makes the Original Buff® the perfect cycling face mask. Polygiene technology kills 99.9% of all germs. A clean and fresh fabric in all conditions. Gives you comfort when it gets nasty.

Helmet Liner: Comfort, moisture wicking & sun protection &

Cycling Helmet Liner 24hr Kooralbyn

Itch-Free, 95% UV blockage and the highest cooling performance  in Australia

Do you hate all the annoyances associated with wearing a helmet? The sweat, the gunky helmet pads, then sun burning your neck?

A Buff® always make your helmet comfortable, itch-free and

World & European champions, touring greats and other cycling professionals have contributed to the evolution . This is why so many customised designs have been made for worldcups, cycling teams and professionals.

Most popular products

The Original Buff® is still Nb.1 because you can use it all year round.

If you are on the hot side of life and never really get cold go for the High-UV Buff®. Twice the evaporating and cooling rate than "standard" Coolmax.

If you want warmth instead of just chill protection have a look at the Wool Buff®. 100% Australian Merino Wool and a bit longer so you can layer more.


High-UV Buff® for cooling and UV-Protection in the heat


Original Buff® for all year, all weather performance


High-UV Buff® for cooling and UV-Protection in the heat

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